Toft Audio Designs | About
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About Toft Audio

Toft Audio Designs® was created for two reasons. One was to manifest the classic British sound that was the main contributor to SO many memorable and timeless recordings, and two; was to achieve this at an affordable price. The foundation for the Series ATB® Consoles comes from a long history based on Trident Audio Developments®.

The ATB Console has much of the same character as the Trident Series 80B®, and as PMI Audio Group® also owns Trident Audio Developments®, those circuits were used for the basis of the ATB® Console sound.

The lineage of all this history is evident in the features and sonic representation of the console. Some of the best recordings in the world were done on Trident Consoles such as The Beatles Abbey Road and the White Album, David Bowie’s Space Oddity, Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Stardust, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, T-Rex, Lou Reed’s Transformer, James Taylor’s first album, and of course Queen 1&2 as well as Sheer Heart Attack. Still there are many more.

The same basic philosophy has been applied to the Toft Audio ATB Consoles…Hear one for yourself and relive the magic of pure analogue…