Mobile Studio in Prince Albert South Africa- Recording the band Freshly Ground
The band went back into studio in the small Karoo town of Prince Albert. They worked with award winning studio engineer Dave Langemann and Grammy award winning producer Steve Berlin to record their fifth studio album, Take Me To The Dance.
The band built a makeshift studio in a community theatre in the middle of the quiet Karoo town, and created a space where, says Peter Cohen "We pushed ourselves on many levels, and as a result the record is sonically far less predictable… our collaboration with DJ Headroom on the title track Take Me To The Dance displays the band's flexibility within genres. Freshlyground have always allowed themselves wide latitude in terms of style-hopping, and I think this album achieves that more successfully than all the others."

On a technical note:
We used one model ATB 16 console plus one ATB 24 to make up 40 inputs coming from the full band set up in the hall next door (7 piece band incl. 2 drum sets and percussion) along with several instrument sources in the improvised control room (guest house).
The EQs made it possible to shape the sounds going into Pro Tools and the 8 bus feature allowed us to route any of the 40 inputs to any Pro Tools without the need for a patch bay.
The consoles were compact enough to fit in the tightly packed van that carried the full studio set up from Cape Town to the Karroo town.


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